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was born with the aim of empowering the young and flourishing youth to a better and motivational future. Founded by Firas Mawlawi in 2001, Firas had a vision of creating a publication that inspired positive thinking, encouragement and skill enhancements tools amongst academic institutions around the North of Lebanon.

With thousands of copies published monthly over the years and free-of-charge, Shabab News Magazine succeeded at becoming

a leading educational news press and the first of its kind in Lebanon, the magazine was praised shortly after for its orientation on covering life-awareness articles and interviews with the incentive of empowering the educational system and youth in the region. With the success of Shabab News Magazine, the publication decided to take its first step towards innovation by launching its first online website, mobile application and is now available on Youtube, Linkedin, FB, Insta platforms.

Welcome to Shabab News Magazine, here you will find:

- Academic news of universities, institutions & schools in the north.

- Schools directories browsed by region, curriculum & type of school.

- Available university programs that offer undergraduate, post and doctoral research.

- Event calender on upcoming activities, workshops & programs.

- Online magazine of our monthly publication.

Stay up-to-date with our monthly inspirational videos, interviews, events & talent shows available in our archives.

We Believe In The Power Of Communication

“We would like to thank to local community for their continuous trust, support & collaboration with Shabab news magazine’s online publication. with over the years of built relationships & what once started as a printing press, we aim to continue covering the latest local academic news & hopefully internationally. Together we can make all the diffrence for a better & hopeful future for everyone”

Firas Mawlawi

Firas Mawlawi

Founder. GM

Alia Abdo

Art Director

Maryam Chalabi

Senior Graphic Designer

Rim Rifi

Senior Graphic Designer

Nadine Ayoubi

Senior Graphic Design

Farah Abouchi

Functional Manager

Zaedah Dandashi

Web Editor / Content Manager

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